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How cancer affects dogs

Defeating cancer starts with knowing your patient has it

Our goal is to provide veterinarians with solutions to detect cancer earlier, so dogs have the chance to live longer, healthier, and happier lives with their families.

Find out the recommended age to start cancer screening for dogs
  • #1 Cause of death in adult dogs1
  • 9x higher risk for dogs older than 7 years3
  • 1 in 3 will develop cancer in their lifetime2
  • 6 million dogs are diagnosed each year4
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What you can do about it

Give your patients the best chance against cancer

We know one size doesn't fit all, so we offer blood tests to fit your cancer detection needs

OncoK9 Screen

Dogs with cancer typically have elevated levels of a biomarker called cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in the blood.

OncoK9®Screen quantifies the amount of cfDNA in the blood and uses a machine-learning algorithm to provide a High Probability of Cancer or Low Probability of Cancer result.

View the OncoK9 Screen validation study in over 1,900 dogs

Clinical Application

  • Wellness screening
    for dogs at higher risk of cancer
OncoK9 Dx

Dogs with cancer typically have genomic alterations in cell-free DNA (cfDNA) that originate from malignant tumor cells.

OncoK9®Dx sequences cell-free DNA in a blood sample to look for the presence of genomic alterations (called a "cancer signal") to provide a Cancer Signal Detected or Cancer Signal Not Detected result.

View the OncoK9 Dx validation study in over 1,100 dogs

Clinical Application

  • Wellness screening
    for dogs at higher risk of cancer
  • Aid-in-diagnosis
    for dogs in which cancer is suspected
  • Cancer monitoring
    for dogs previously diagnosed with cancer

The OncoK9 Promise

actionable reports

Reliable testing backed by clinical validation studies

OncoK9 is validated to detect over 30 types of cancer, even before clinical signs appear. Read our peer-reviewed clinical validation studies each including 1000+ dogs.


Actionable reports with vet-to-vet clinical support

OncoK9 reports provide clear guidance on next steps. A board-certified veterinary specialist is available for free consultation on test result interpretation and to make recommendations regarding diagnostic workup for your patient after a positive result.

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Convenient testing options to fit your cancer detection needs

OncoK9 doesn't require any fasting or in-clinic processing. Our kits are shipped at room temperature for further convenience.

OncoK9 also provides testing options for healthy and sick dogs to fit your clinical scenario.

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Affordable options for accessible testing

We understand budget is a primary concern among pet parents, which is why we made sure to create affordable options to ensure at-risk dogs can be screened at their wellness visits.

See how OncoK9 has helped patients

Golden Retriever

Wellness Screening in Bella, a Geriatric Golden Retriever

High probability of cancer

OncoK9®Screen detected a high probability of cancer in Bella during a wellness visit, when she had no clinical signs.

This helped her veterinarian find hemangiosarcoma, gave her owners time to pursue treatment options, and Bella was able to start therapy prior to developing clinical signs.

Golden Retriever

Wellness Screening in Emma, a Bulldog at High Risk of Cancer

Low probability of cancer

OncoK9®Screen was performed during Emma's wellness visit due to her higher risk and because her owner had lost a bulldog to cancer in the past.

OncoK9 Screen results were consistent with a low probability of cancer, which provided her family with peace of mind, and they plan to continue cancer screening at Emma's wellness visits, so that if cancer does develop, they have a better chance of catching it early.

Golden Retriever

Aid-in-Diagnosis in Winnie, a Bichon with an Aggressive Bone Lesion

Cancer signal detected

OncoK9®Dx was performed due to an unusual finding on leg x-rays, which were taken due to lameness.

The presence of a cancer signal helped Winnie's family with their decision to pursue treatment with amputation and biopsy, which confirmed a diagnosis of osteosarcoma. Winnie experienced immediate pain relief and she was able to start osteosarcoma-specific therapy.

"My dog River was recently diagnosed with cancer that was ONLY caught because of the OncoK9 cancer screening test. She had no clinical symptoms and her senior blood work was normal. Yet, she had a large adrenal tumor (pheochromocytoma). Thanks to OncoK9, it is was able to be located and successfully removed."

Amanda Abrams, Pet parent

"OncoK9 enables me and my clients to be more proactive about their dog's health. Negative tests are also invaluable because they alleviate stress that many clients have about cancer, especially those clients who have lost another dog to cancer."

Dr. Kathy Burnell, Oceanside Veterinary Hospital

"The value of early cancer detection in dogs..really is priceless. It gives you a lot of knowledge...[and] gives the client all of the information that they would need to be able to make a decision for themselves and for their pet."

Dr. Angelo Marco, Bayview Veterinary Center

"There are so many patients that I can think of over the years that unfortunately we diagnosed when it was so, so late in the disease process and there weren't many options for them. My clients are having peace of mind with [OncoK9 testing]. We're able to screen them... It's absolute peace of mind and it's good medicine."

Dr. Marina Yamate, Aloha Veterinary Clinic

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